Running sober

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Today I celebrate 2 years without drinking. It is an achievement I am particularly proud of.


Drinking alcohol was the one choice that led to other unhealthy choices, such as bad eating habits, poor quality sleep, laziness and lack of exercise.

Sober benefits

Taking a break from alcohol has significantly contributed towards losing 4 stone in weight. My health & fitness has improved.

Since making the change, I have shaved over an hour off my half marathon time and ran my first marathon in 3:48.

Whilst the physical benefits of not drinking are clear, it’s actually the clarity and focus that’s been most beneficial.

I have been able to cultivate a passion, express myself creatively and launch a new web site sharing my journey to help and inspire others.

What influenced the change?

Meditation has played a part in the lifestyle change. Slowing the pace of the day down gives you the opportunity to consider that there is another option.

The break from drinking was probably the most important piece of the jigsaw. It would have been much more difficult to achieve the weight loss and health & fitness improvements whilst drinking.

The temptation could lead back to the same ingrained behaviours and patterns.

Once this chain of behaviour has been broken, it’s easier to build and sustain momentum towards a healthier lifestyle.

You can then continue to build on an upward spiral of positivity, which has a compound interest effect that snowballs into other areas of your life.  

Rich Roll’s Finding Ultra and Cait Flanders’ The Year of Less, were both hugely inspiring books, which discuss giving up alcohol. These books gave reassurance I was on the right path.


Thursdays used to be my favourite day of the week. After a big weekend of drink, by the following Thursday I would be feeling normal again.

Since taking a break from drinking, now my favourite day of the week is Sunday. My daughter’s swimming lesson is on Sunday afternoon. More often than not, Sundays now feature a long slow run on the morning.

What the future looks like

I guess the void left from alcohol has been filled with a more positive vice, running. It has become a lifestyle choice.

I’m not saying I’ll never drink again. But I am committing to being a positive role model for my daughter and trying to live a healthy lifestyle for the benefit of my family.

Can I help?

If this resonates or you are considering taking a break from alcohol, drop me a message in the comments or an email at, if you would prefer?

I’m happy to help.