Running documentaries

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In the lead up to my Marathon Homecoming, I drew inspiration from a selection of powerful running documentaries.

The short films proved to be a valuable resource. Most are free to watch on YouTube.

Billy Yang’s channel, in particular, was hugely inspiring and fueled my appetite to run further and stronger.

Here are a few of the best running documentaries I’ve seen to date:


In Relentless Pursuit Of His Best: The Journey of Ultrarunner Zach Miller

Watch for free on Billy Yang’s YouTube channel

Life in a day

The individual stories of 4 women and their 100 mile journey. As they compete for a top 10 finish at Western States, which is compared to living a “life in a day”.

Watch for free on Billy Yang’s YouTube channel

A mile an hour

Beau Miles runs a different kind of marathon.

Watch for free on Beau Miles’s YouTube channel


Rickey Gates runs 3700 miles across America.

Watch for free on Salomon TV’s YouTube channel

Where dreams go to die

This documentary follows Gary Robbins’ two attempts at The Barkley Marathons, widely considered as the hardest endurance race on earth.

Watch for free on the Ginger Runner’s YouTube channel


The emotional and inspiring story of Adrian Henry, a back of the pack runner, aiming to complete the Tarawera 100 Mile Ultramarathon before the race cut-off time.

Watch for free on YouTube

Found on 49

The story of Jim Walmsley’s first 100 miler at the 2016 Western States 100 mile endurance run. The documentary follows Jim a few weeks out from race day through his historic day ahead of course record splits and the dramatic conclusion of being lost on highway 49.

Watch for free on YouTube

Jessica’s parkrun heroes

A mini series of 10 individual short films (less than 10 mins each). Every episode focuses on a different person’s inspiring parkrun journey and how running has transformed their lives.

Watch all 10 short episodes for free as a YouTube playlist

Skid Row Marathon from Giant Pictures on Vimeo.

Skid Row Marathon

A criminal court judge starts a running club on LA’s Skid Row, where he trains a motley but motivated group of homeless, addicted, and criminal men and women to run international marathons.

Watch the full film on Vimeo or Amazon Prime

I’m always on the look out for inspiration. I would love to hear what are your favourite running documentaries? Please feel free to share them in the comments…