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In February 2017, I downloaded the Headspace app on my phone and was introduced into the world of Meditation.

Without realising it, I started on a path that would eventually lead to running my first marathon.

Meditation started to peel back the layers and opened my mind to change.

Discovering meditation was a primer and an undercoat. Preparing for a change in mindset and mentality before I was ready to take action.

I went onto meditate 365 days in a row.

I love the way that meditation can slow the pace of the day down.

Giving you time & space to be more intentional.

For anyone curious about meditation, check out the YouTube video below, featuring Headspace founder Andy Puddicombe on Jimmy Fallon’s The Tonight Show.

A short 3 minute introduction into Meditation with Andy Puddicombe

This short 3 minute introduction into meditation is perfect and could be an absolute game changer for someone. Hope it helps.