30 day social media detox

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Taking a 30 day break from social media has had a profound effect on my life.

A 30 day break for some time away from the screen can help you to refresh & recharge.

For the past two years, I have done this annually in November.

I found it to be particularly beneficial to do this before the start of marathon training – enabling me to go into the training block feeling rejuvenated with a full tank.

Social Media Detox – 30 days to my baby’s due date

New arrival

It’s 30 days to the due date of my baby boy. So I’m starting a new social media detox today and taking a break from Instagram during these next 30 days.

Hopefully this social media detox will bring similar benefits, ahead of my baby boy’s arrival.

What I’ve learnt from previous social media detoxes

I deactivated my Facebook & Twitter accounts in 2018 because they were no longer serving me. I kept Instagram because I value the supportive running & simple living communities on the platform and it provides a visual method of documenting my training and sharing the progress to help and inspire others.

If deactivating your social media accounts is difficult and a good middle ground to test the water is a 30 day social media detox.

I love doing these social media detoxes when I can feel myself checking my phone more often. ⁣⁣

It can be uncomfortable for the first few days but after about a week I’m more creative, sleeping better and generally more productive.

Coming back to social media, after the 30 day break, I am more intentional with how I use the platform and the content I create.

For example, returning to social media at the start of my marathon training block, I shared this IGTV video documenting my VO2max testing process to help others in the wider running community:

Other social media detox examples

A Social Media Detox is not a unique idea. I’ve been inspired by others, who have taken a break from social media and shared their experiences:

Jason Zook

Jason Zook composed a great blog article journaling each day of his 30 day social media detox.

Taking a break from social media frees up time and mental space you didn’t know you’d lost. Doing a social media detox puts you back in control of how you use these platforms.

Jason Zook, WanderingAimfully

Matt D’Avella

Matt D’Avella talks about his 30 day social media detox experience in the great video below: