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Around the same time I was making those initial first steps into running, I watched a documentary on Netflix that changed everything.

It was called Minimalism: A documentary about the important things.

It opened my mind and inspired me to simplify my life & focus on what truly matters:

Family & Friends, Health, Growth, Creativity & Contribution

It was a catalyst for change and has had a profound affect on every aspect of my life.

I started to streamline and simplify.

I found that by removing complication & distractions, it became easier to prioritise and focus on a healthier lifestyle. There were less barriers that would normally get in the way.

I removed all things unnecessary and kept only what is either essential, useful or brings joy.

I am in no doubt that keeping things simple has significantly helped my running progress.

Removing the excess helped to gain more time and energy, which allowed for space to plan and prepare.

It was a slow & steady process and over time, I achieved:

  • spending more time with the important people.
  • became clutter free. Donating 70% of my possessions, keeping only what is either essential, useful or brings joy.
  • building good habits & routines.
  • being more deliberate with purchases and what I bring into my life.
  • getting intentional with finances, learning about spending habits, planning for retirement and saving for the future.
  • being more charitable and generous with my time.
  • gratitude & appreciation for what I have.