Courtney Carver

Creator of Project 333, the minimalist fashion challenge and successful minimalism & simple living blog, Be More With Less.
Grant Milestone
4 min read

Digital Minimalism – how it can help your running

How is Digital Minimalism relevant to running? One word, solitude.
Grant Milestone
2 min read

PODCAST: Easy Thrills

My first podcast guest appearance on Easy Thrills by Tom Bell. A podcast about adventure, motivation and transformation.
Grant Milestone
3 min read

Messy Minimalist

The Messy Minimalist is a quirky YouTube creator and blogger, documenting her journey to less.
Grant Milestone
9 min read

Colin Wright

Entrepreneur, minimalist and full-time traveler. Articulate speaker, blogger and prolific author. Host of the weekly podcast 'Let’s Know Things'.
Grant Milestone
10 min read

Britt @ Tiny Ambitions

Creator of the popular minimalism blog Tiny Ambitions. Britt hosts Tiny Bites, a concise bite size podcast about living a more intentional life, simple...
Grant Milestone
6 min read

Anthony Ongaro

Anthony Ongaro is the guy behind 'Break the Twitch' a leading Minimalism YouTube channel, book, podcast & online community.
Grant Milestone
11 min read

Project 333

Simplify your wardrobe to create more time & space to focus on the important things.
Grant Milestone
2 min read

Inspiring Guests

A featured series of Q&A interviews with special guests who have personally inspired me.
Grant Milestone
14 sec read


I watched a documentary on Netflix that changed everything.
Grant Milestone
54 sec read