Marathon training block complete

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Training Block Complete

Reflections on completing my marathon training block:

Key stats

Sessions: 66

Total Time: 87 Hours

Total distance: 546 Miles (878km) 

Training plan: Ben Parkes Level 4 Advanced Marathon Training Plan

Special Moment

Winning my first race in front of my cheering Dad, Wife & Daughter. 

Proudest Achievement

100km peak training week.

Biggest challenge

Overcoming uncertainty of event postponement & lockdown.

Lessons learnt

  • Embrace flexibility in the training plan.
  • Goals are fluid & changeable.
  • Improved nutrition & fuelling.
  • Cutting 3 weeks off training plan is not a failure – it’s adapting to all influencing factors.
  • The outcome of being adaptable is a better solution…
  • …A unique and personal marathon experience that allows it to be shared with my family, without risking their health, whilst also honouring my training to see what my best looks like.

Special thank you

My wife is amazing. We found out we’re expecting our second child during the training – baby is due in June.

Sam has gone above & beyond to support my training.

Running is not a solo pursuit, it’s only made possible by those special people around you.

Marathon Homecoming

This Sunday (3rd May) I will be bringing the marathon home.

Seeing the fruits of the past 4 months.

Running 26 physical distancing mile laps of my local neighbourhood. Starting and finishing at my front door.

A #MarathonHomecoming. Both physically and metaphorically; a celebration and reunion. Returning home from marathon training. 

A dedication to my baby boy.

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