A run down memory lane

47 sec read

Although this month is about new experiences and trying out new running routes. Today, I took it back and revisited some old roots. 

I ran to my Nana & Grandad’s old house from my childhood.

Inspired by Ian Mortimer’s book, Why Running Matters, I took a run down memory lane. We discussed it during Ian’s Inspiring Guests Q&A interview and something I have been thinking about doing for a while.

From the vivid to the abstract, memories came flooding back as I ran:

  • Down the road where I used to collect conkers with my Grandad – I took a couple home for my daughter, just for old time’s sake.
  • I ran the up the hill, I used to sledge down in the snow.
  • I seen the same tree I collided into on my bike as a child, that gave me a bloody nose.
  • Memories came back to me about celebrating bonfire night with my Grandparents.
  • At the entrance to Ormsby Hall, I seen the pillars that abstractly look like smiling faces, which made me smile.
  • and then onto my Nana & Grandad’s old street, pausing at their house and taking it all in.

Pace, Distance, Time & Heart rate were all irrelevant metrics today.

The only thing I was tracking was memories.

It elevated and enriched my running experience.