Strength Training

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Whilst training for the Manchester Marathon 2019, I got a Ben Parkes training plan and for the first time was introduced to the benefits of Strength Training for my running.

Strength Training benefits

Strength Training is really important for injury prevention. It helps the body absorb the workload that training puts on the body.

Having a strong core can improve your running posture & speed. Because your arms and legs all stem from the core, the strength in your limbs are tied to the strength in your torso. The main benefit of core strength for runners is increased stabilisation in the torso.

My Strength Training routine

A 20 minute Strength Training session is now a regular weekly activity that complements my running.

The following 6 quick exercises make up my strength training routine:

  • Reverse lunge & forward knee drive
  • Squat
  • Calf raises
  • Hip Bridges
  • Planks
  • Crunch

Strength Training videos

My Strength Training routine is mainly based around two YouTube videos by Ben Parkes, that I have found to be particularly helpful:

1) Runners Strength Workout

The first video gives a detailed demonstration of each the 6 exercises listed in my strength training routine:

2) Strength drills to do on your run

The second video is helpful because sometimes you do not have the luxury of time available to fit in a dedicated Strength Training session and have to find other ways to efficiently fit strength work in.

This video shows how you can do strength drills whilst you are out on your run:

During the week, I will often do an easy-paced 8K run and stop half way, whenever convenient, for a break out session of 5-10 minutes for some planks, calf raises and use a park bench for some step ups, tricep dips and push ups.

Be sure to check out and subscribe to Ben Parkes’ YouTube Channel. It has certainly added value and been of great benefit to me.

I hope you have found this article about my strength training routine useful.

Please share your thoughts and own strength training routines in the comments…