Running after baby

Inspirational running parents share their experience & advice on returning to running with a new born baby.
Grant Milestone
14 min read

Courtney Carver

Creator of Project 333, the minimalist fashion challenge and successful minimalism & simple living blog, Be More With Less.
Grant Milestone
4 min read

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Anna Harding

Anna is Content Lead on The Running Channel, a YouTube channel with great advice & tips. It is particularly helpful for new runners.
Grant Milestone
11 min read

Inspiring Guests

A featured series of Q&A interviews with special guests who have personally inspired me.
Grant Milestone
14 sec read

Keep it simple

A pair of running shoes and the pavement are all that anyone needs.
Grant Milestone
22 sec read


In February 2017, I downloaded the Headspace app and was introduced into the world of Meditation.
Grant Milestone
35 sec read


I watched a documentary on Netflix that changed everything.
Grant Milestone
54 sec read

Marie Kondo

Since the launch of her Netflix series 'Tidying Up With Marie Kondo', minimalism has been found by a new wider main stream audience.
Grant Milestone
1 min read


Hello and welcome to Run With Less. A blog about my running, weight loss and simplicity journey.
Grant Milestone
20 sec read