Share your run

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Until the end of 2018, running was a solo pursuit of progress, self-development, improvement, exploration and discovery.

Following 4 months of marathon training at the start of 2019, I learnt to share the running experience with my Dad, Wife & Daughter. It was a game changer.

This thought crystallised after reading Ian Mortimer’s brilliant book, Why Running Matters.

The more I do parkruns, the more I feel community and the goodwill of sharing the run with others.

This sense of community has never been more present than on Tuesday when I met and ran with Run Dem Crew.

I got the opportunity to listen to some inspiring stories and share my running, weight loss, meditation and minimalism journey.

It was such an overwhelmingly positive experience and reaffirmed my belief that running is better when shared with others.

Share your thoughts and comments below, I would love to hear them.

Most importantly, share your run with others. It can elevate and enrich your running experience.

Simply #RunWithLess