How to run a faster 5K

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Over the next 5 weeks, I will be following Ben Parkes’ How to run a faster 5K YouTube video in the quest for a Sub 20 5K.

I will be completing the following weekly interval training sessions:

6x800m Intervals @ 4:00/km pace

Week 1: 2 mins recovery
Week 2: 90 sec recovery
Week 3: 60 sec recovery
Week 4: 30 sec recovery
Week 5: Sub 20 5K PB

You can use these same intervals to achieve your own 5K goal, simply replacing the target pace. For example, sub 25 would be 5:00/km pace.

This week I have completed the first session and will post weekly progress updates on Instagram:

UPDATE 04/05/2019: So I realised before I started the 6x800m sub 20 5K Intervals, I should have done a base line 5K time trial to check where I am after the marathon. I did that belatedly today at Tees Barrage parkrun & achieved a sub 20 official time of 19:41. 

This happened a lot sooner than I expected or hoped, it’s taken me by surprise so feels extra special.

I plan to continue the 6x800m Interval sessions to progress further & not rest on my laurels.

I will reassess the 5K training goals after Tuesday’s trip to London for a session with Run Dem Crew.

Watch this space.

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